Koh Chang Beaches

Koh Chang BeachesLike the lion share of islands in Thailand, none are complete without there beautiful array of beaches. Ko Chang certainly doesn’t disappoint on this front. With it’s spectacular white sands and clear Blue seas in abundance be sure to find the right atmosphere to match your mood when staying on Koh Chang. The west coast of the island is where most beaches are found so hopping between each paradise front is easily achieved.

The magnificent beaches of Koh Chang are one it’s main attractions. With so many beaches on offer it’s preferable to find one that suits your requirements best. Alternatively experience at your leisure, the different appeal everyone has to offer for yourself.

Hat Sai Khao Beach

Hat Sai Khao or White Sand Beach is the longest and most sough after beach location on Koh Chang. It’s beautiful white sands and clear blue waters stretch across 2.5 kilometers and are lined by luxury resort accommodation, casuarinas and palm trees with picturesque rain forest in the distance.

Being the most popular beach on the island Hat Sai Khao is swarmed with visitors each day. Soaking up the sun, playing bat and ball by the water edge, experiencing the thrill of one of the water sports available or simply sharing stories with there new found friends.

The main road behind the beach is packed with restaurants, shops, bars, cafe’s and accommodation so if you want to escape the beach for a short while your options are endless.

Postcard perfect sunsets are a daily feature of this beach so grab your self a drink from one of the beach bars and take in the stunning view across the gulf of Thailand. Once the sunsets the beach lights up with seafood barbecues and bars playing a variety of music. Accommodation around Hat Sai Khao is certainly not on the budget side and in peak seasons you will struggle to find anything for less than 1000 baht per night.

Klong Prao Beach

Situated to the south of Hat Sai Khao lies the rapidly growing Klong Prao Beach. This stunning beach is divided by the Klong Prao Estuary making it a must see when visiting the west coast of the island. At the northern end of the beach you will find Chai Chet Cape. From here you can take in the most amazing sunsets above the hills of Bang Bao. Close to the cape lies a fishing pier offering a fantastic view of the whole of Klong Prao Bay.

The calm waters of Klong Prao are ideal for swimming and the usual array of water based activities can be found here. Expensive beach resorts catering for all your needs are more frequently occupying the beach front. Despite this the beach never gets overly crowded. The usual amenities are available around the main road meaning your never far from anything you need.

Kai Bae Beach

The sandy beaches of Kai Bae beach are situated to the south of Klong Prao beach. The copious amounts of palm trees provide a shaded setting across it’s shores and it is regarded as where Ko Chang’s first tourist stayed within some of the local families houses. Like most of Koh Chang, Kai Bae is seeing a development in top end resorts.

Within Kai Bae Village, dive shops offer you the option to rent kayaks, boats or diving equipment for those wanting to explore the sea and the surrounding islands. However you don’t need to hire equipment to experience all of the surrounding islands and the nearby Koh Man Nai can be reached by foot during low tide.

If nightlife and excitement are high on your agenda then you will be sure to find it around Kai Bae. The main street is lined with busy bars keeping revelers entertained throughout the day and night.

Klong Son Beach

Located at the northern tip of Ko Chang lies Klong Son Beach. Coconut trees line the beaches edge and you will pass the surrounding village area as you disembark from the ferry to Ko Chang. The quiet half moon beach is home to a number of top resorts. The beach, is far from the only attraction here. Behind the bay and fishing village lies the wonderful Baan Kwan Chang elephant camp. Half day Trekking tours include feeding, bathing and riding the elephants.

Tha Nam Beach

Although nicknamed Lonely beach Tha nam is far from the secluded spot it’s name suggests. Still you can expect a relaxed ambient atmosphere around Tha Nam or at least until the sunsets! With Tha Nam being a backpackers haven, things can get a little bit wild when the sun goes down and its not uncommon for random parties to outbreak on any given night. The beach itself is formed by soft white sand and calm clear waters making it ideal to unwind after a heavy night partying. The tranquil waters offer a great retreat for kayaking and swimming. Accommodation is not at a premium here, mostly traditional bamboo huts for those on a budget coupled with some high end priced resorts are available. Due to the limited availability it is advised to pre book before arrival.

Had Kai Mook

Sat between Hat Sai Khao and Klong Prao lay the pebbled shores of Had Kai Mook. Pearl beach offers very little in the way of white sands or any sands at all. So if you are wanting to relax on the beach in the comfort of soft sandy shores then Pearl beach is probably best missed. Snorkeling around pebble beach offer improved marine life to its neighbouring Hat Sai Khao and is certainly a good reason to visit to visit. There are several fine eateries around the beach area also.

Bai Lan Beach

If you are looking to escape the hectic shores of Hat Sai Khao or Tha Nam beach then this quiet secluded spot of Bai Lan Beach is perfect. Reachable by foot from Lonely beach, relax here on your sun lounger while reading a book and simply watch the day go by. Accommodation here is not vast.

Bang Bao Beach

What was once a thriving fishing village Bang Bao beach is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Although the fishing village remains, Bang Bao beach has become the epicenter for divers wanting to explore the abundance of nearby marine life and for day trippers to its nearby islands. The village is based around a long pier which stretches out into the bay. Shops, guesthouses and restaurants sit on stilts half way along the pier itself. A lighthouse sits at the end of the pier. Being a fishing village there are naturally a selection of quality restaurants offering you the catch of the day to wet your appetite.

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