Phuket Thailand

With the allure of it’s idyllic beaches, tropical marine life and world renowned nightlife Phuket is Thailand’s Number 1 holiday destination. The once miners island has transformed it’s shores over the years making Phuket Thailand one of the most admired places on the universe. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and attracts millions of visitors each year making it the countries wealthiest province.

Situated in the South West of Thailand surrounded by the vivid blue waters of The Andaman Sea Phuket is the countries finest piece of Paradise. It’s many beaches are draped in palm trees and crisp white sand against the beautiful Andaman Sea. Th most popular of which is Patong Beach. Here by day you have a busy beach with visitors from all over the world intermingling on its tropical shores. Once the Sunset’s a wild nightlife emerges keeping the masses entertained with it’s famous cabaret shows, Live bands, bars, clubs and go go bars.

Not only is Phuket something you would see on a postcard but also it’s surrounding islands. The magnificent Phang Nga Bay or James Bond Island following it’s rise to fame in the cut classic “The man with the golden gun” is a popular visit for day trippers from Phuket. This is no the only island used on a film set close by and the nearby Phi Phi islands play home to the setting of the Leonardo Di Caprio film The beach.

Scuba Diving Phuket is just as popular reason to visit the island as well as it’s beaches. The Andaman Sea is home to some of the worlds best Coral reefs and provides some of the best diving that can be seen on the planet. There are 100’s of Dive centres on the island offering Padi certified courses day trips around the island as well as live aboard trips to the stunning Similan Islands.

The entertainment on the island does not only rely only on it’s beautiful beaches and water. The Spectacular Phuket Fantasea is sure to keep the whole Family entertained whilst the Simon Cabaret paints a unique picture with it’s Trans-sexual entertainment shows. For the visitor seeking the more exuberent nightlife then head to Patong beach. Patong is home to the very popular Soi Bangla Neon lights and the and girly bars are the flavour of the day here and with the party continuing late into the next day its not for the faint hearted.

When visiting the island you will find some of the world’s best Phuket hotel resorts and popular chains such as Banyan Tree Resort are just one of the 5 star resort you can stay in on your visit. This is not the only hotels in Phuket and on the island you have over a thousand options from budget hotels to something you would envisage royalty to stay in.

You are not in short supply of options if your a shopohilic. Shopping in Phuket has grown considerably over the years. Where market stools selling the latest in fake designer sun glasses, hand bags and clothes ruled you are more likely to find a boutique shop or shopping mall selling the real deal instead now.

Wherever there is 5 star accommodation, Five Star cuisine naturally follows. Within the grounds of many of Phuket’s world class resorts lies restaurants serving some of the finest cuisines from around the globe. A side from the resorts you are not spilt for choice with a variety of western foods, Chinese, Malay and Indian to name a few are readily available from one of it’s many restaurants. There is rarely a street corner anywhere in Thailand where you wont find a small mobile kitchen cooking up one of Thailand’s favourite dishes and Phuket is no different. Sample the famous dishes of the South freshly prepared in front of you.

Phuket Thailand has its very own International Airport meaning getting here couldn’t be simpler. Over 8 million Arrivals and departures come through the gates and with Phuket Thailand attracting such popualrity through it’s Airport It’s no wonder why the Pearl of the Andaman Sea is the countries premier holiday destination.

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