Elephant Camps in Koh Chang

A visit to the Elephant Island of Koh Chang wouldn’t be complete without visiting one the Elephant Camps. There are four elephant camps to choose from on Koh Chang, three are situated in the Klong Prao area on the west side of the island and another is in the north part of the island in an inland valley. The camps near Klong Prao are Klong Plu Elephant Camp, Ban Chang Thai Elephant Camp and Chang Chutiman Elephant Camp. The choice of Elephant Camp is really down to how far you wish to travel and how much you would like to experience your elephant ride in amazing surroundings of Koh Chang away from the road.

The Elephant camps near Klong Prao village are very popular among tourists as these camps are close to the hotels and are easy to get to. However if you are looking for an amazing experience seeing elephants in their natural surrounding then a visit to Bang Kwan Chang Klong Son Elephant Camp is a great choice. The camp is situated in an inland valley, in the heart of the jungle surrounded by lush forest and beautiful scenery well away from any man made development unlike the roadside areas of Klong Prao.

All of the Elephant Camps mentioned above have around 10 elephant residents. Each camp charges around the same price starting at around 500 BHT for a short trek and about 900 BHT for a longer trek which usually gives you the opportunity to do some bathing with the elephant as well. Included in these prices are drinking water, fruit for yourself and fruit to feed the elephants and also transport to and from your hotel.

You can book your Elephant Trek through one of the many tour operators on the island, many hotels also provide a booking service or you can just turn up on the day. If you are in Koh Chang in High season the elephant camps get quite busy so it is a good idea to book your trek in advance as you may have to wait a while if you just turn up on the day.

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