Nightlife in Koh Chang

There are a variety of different bars and night life available on Koh Chang from roadside beach bars offering cheap drinks and cocktails to the lively beach bars that line the shores of the island.

For those looking for something lively at night then the popular Hat Sai Khao is the place to head. Weekend’s and holidays in particular see revellers pile to the popular joints of Sabay Bar and Oodie’s place where great music and entertainment is the dish of the night. 15 palms is a great place to chill out on the beach whilst sipping cocktails. They also have some amazing fire shows each night to keep you entertained.

Lonely beach is equal to Hat Sai Khao in the lively stakes. With its predominant backpacker community expect Sang Som Buckets cheap cocktails and loud music crashing out of each of it’s bars.

There are plenty of bars around the quieter beach areas for families offering good food and Filipino bands playing the latest western songs for entertainment

The Mojito lounge is a popular lounge bar/club located at the southern end of the main strip in Kai Bae.

Sabay Bar is where the thick of the action is come night time on the island.

Oodies Place outside

For those who love there live music and in particular the blues then make sure you spend an evening at Oodies Place on White sand beach.

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